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If personal transformation is what you are seeking, you will find inspiration and practical guidance with me. Whether you wish to be more creative, heal the pain of the past, or cope with the stresses of everyday life, I offer you concrete tools and personalised actions. My newest offering is available here. Attend my dynamic workshops, retreats, professional Yoga Therapy Trainings, or speaking engagements to discover your next level. Have a look around the site and I hope to see you in person soon!

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Join me in the Galapagos Islands
November 3-10, 2018

Join me in one of the last places on earth that remains virtually untouched by civilization. For eight days and seven nights, immerse yourself in this miraculous setting where the land and water conspire to teach you, rejuvenate you, and restore your sense of wonder.  There is no better place to connect to your essential sense of joy and possibility. The incomparable volcanic shores of the Galapagos Islands are home to thousands of species who greet you fearlessly. This is the world’s #1 “Bucket List” destination for good reason. No two islands are alike in this archipelago, a natural wonderland that will evoke your curiosity and awe. Join me for exploratory yoga, scrumptious meals, enlightening workshops, and naturalist-guided excursions in this glorious green location.

If you are looking for a retreat that is extremely well-organized, that integrates asana, yoga philosophy & spirituality, is in a fascinating location with excellent food, accommodations and great excursions, then the Nourish Galapagos Retreat is for you! ~Susan, Participant & Yoga Studio Owner

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Workshops, Intensives & Destination Retreats are terrific ways to create new inner and outer realities. With better information, experiential practices, and engaging dialogue, you’ll go home with concrete tools you can start using right away.

Yoga for the Creative Soul Crop
Laughter, Creativity, Yoga

Choose how you want to tap into your creative wellspring and discover the mystery that is YOU. Get the book, come to a retreat, or work with Erin from the comfort of your own home!

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Deepen your yoga practice with Yoga or Meditation Teacher Training. Half the people who join this life-changing program do so for their own growth. 100% of the folks who wanted to teach got jobs upon graduation.

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