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If personal transformation is what you are seeking, you will find inspiration and practical guidance with me. Whether you wish to be more creative, heal the pain of the past, or cope with the stresses of everyday life, I offer you concrete tools and personalised actions. My newest offering is available here. Attend my dynamic workshops, retreats, professional Yoga Therapy Trainings, or speaking engagements to discover your next level. Have a look around the site and I hope to see you in person soon!

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I am so pleased to share this new book with you! Everyone feels stress at least sometimes and Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety gives you practical tools to free yourself. You don’t need any yoga experience to enjoy this book, just a desire to live with peace of mind.

Beginning by noting the prevalence of complaints about stress in today’s world, YogaLife Institute founder Butera, psychotherapist Byron, and physical therapy professor Elgelid present a well-organized guide to using yoga to deal with this problem…for stressed-out yoga fans interested in a change for the better, this book could be a valuable beginning. ~Publishers Weekly

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Booking Erin to present at your centre is an effective way to increase member loyalty and monetize the times your studio is sitting empty. Erins proven popularity with diverse populations fills repeat events to capacity.

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Deepen your yoga practice with Yoga or Meditation Teacher Training. Half the people who join this life-changing program do so for their own growth. 100% of the folks who wanted to teach got jobs upon graduation.

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