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Events Help Your Studio By:


Increasing Class Adherence:

Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety is designed to support and promote all forms of Yoga. Students will learn a deeper experience of the importance of practice and the relationship with their teacher. They will be encouraged to continue practicing at your location and connecting with the people they meet there to enhance their experience.

Emphasizing the Importance of Your Centre in Their Lives:

Erin’s friendly and uplifting talks leave members feeling empowered to create better lives – and part of a better life is continuing with their yoga practice! Furthermore, the workshops are designed with an interactive component so that members get to know each other better. People are more likely to continue with their classes when they know their friends are waiting for them.

Monetizing Off Hours:

Events are generally booked when no classes are running; thus, your centre earns money during times when the space is sitting empty. When the centre follows promotional recommendations, Erin’s events tend to sell out and you receive a portion of each sale.

We keep bringing Erin back to our center because of the connections she has made with our community. Students and teachers alike appreciate her friendliness and informed, practical approach to meaningful topics. She is prepared, easy to get along with, and consistently draws a crowd. ~Julie Rost, Director, YogaLife New Hampshire

Enhancing Your Image:

Erin has a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology (field of Yoga Therapy), is an engaging presenter, and has been published in multiple arenas. Bringing experts into your centre makes students feel special and can bolster their esteem in your location.

Offering A Concrete Take-Away:

The events are designed for participants to leave with clear action steps in the direction of their True Selves and personalized signed copies of Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety are available for sale at a discount. These concrete take-aways gives them something to return to for inspiration and is a happy reminder of their time at your centre.

Helping Students & Teachers:

The practical tools and experience-based learning effectively demonstrate how wonderful yoga is. Students & teachers learn to apply yoga in their everyday lives to become calmer, happier people. Teachers gain new ideas, tools, and skills.

Inspiring Practice:

Students gain a deeper understanding of their poses, breathing exercises, and relaxations. The hunger for knowledge and growth keeps them coming back. Teachers who attend events gain an infusion of new perspectives and techniques to freshen their presentations and ignite home practice. Erin’s down-to-earth approach mixed with her dedication to yoga lifestyle will inspire members to keep on practicing and learning new things about themselves and yoga!


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