Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Nov 03 2016

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Wait a second – of course you can! In fact, if you DON’T teach your old dog new tricks, his brain will rot.


During my book tour on Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Mindful Living, I presented a workshop called Change Your Brain, Change Your Life in places like Regina, Saskatoon, Philadelphia, and Brantford. It’s a fun one because it marries yoga and science. Not only that but it flies in the face of a long-held belief that the brain is what it is (until it breaks down) and we can’t change it.


Now we know the truth!


The brain – and our emotions, habits, and thought patterns – are totally adaptable. Do you want to recover from addiction? Get stronger? Uplift depression? Learn a musical instrument? Recover from a stroke? Up your game? Let’s apply some simple practices in everyday life, consistently and happily, and create the lives of our dreams.


Start here:


  1.  Think of something you wish was different. It could be your relationships, internal environment, career, etc. The rest of this will be easier if you are really specific.
  2.  (Optional Step) Meditate on the visceral experience/image of, list, or create some form of artistic representation of the realisation of this shift
  3.  What is the SMALLEST step you can take in the direction of its truth/being?
  4.  Do  it
  5.  Repeat


Celebrating yoga therapy research, music, each other - & photobombs! - at IAYT's annual conference SYTAR 2016

Celebrating yoga therapy research, music, each other – & photobombs! – at IAYT‘s annual conference SYTAR 2016

The more we engage this process, the faster we realise the change. When we live into the truth of something, one step at a time, all of life conspires to bring it to us. Notice little confirmations, synchronicities or omens. Trust them and smile (in thankfulness, humour, and sometimes wry irony – ouch! – we get corrective suggestions sometimes, too). It’s a dreamy thing, life. It supports what we focus on and believe.


While you are engaging and noticing, you can play! For added fun while you are rewiring your brain and building your true life, you may adapt small things around you so that your nervous system grows accustomed to change. Also remember to celebrate each step you take in the direction of your true self/life. Every single shift that approaches your dreams is a victory! Our daily choices either take us toward or away from who we really are. There is not an insignificant moment. The creative potential of joy is constant.


In other words, old dogs are glad to learn new tricks.


Change your brain, change your life.

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