Erin Byron

MA Counseling Psychology, Certified Yoga Therapist

Erin Byron, MA, is a Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Author, and Speaker. She began her spiritual journey as a child, paying attention to things she had no way of knowing she would one day build a life upon. Erin was curious about how the brain works and what makes a good person. Without knowing about yoga, she practiced active relaxation, star-gazing, and adapting her breath. Early life wasn’t without its pains, and Erin used the escape of reading and soothing motion of swimming to cope. Now, Erin wishes to share ideas of possibility and inspiration, believing that when each of us is at peace within ourselves (ie happy!), we are able to give more action to making the world better for others!

Erin studied Expressive Arts Therapy at the graduate level, with great attention to the power of creativity in healing emotional pain. Her Master of Arts degree (Counselling Psychology) is in the field of Yoga Therapy. As part of her thesis she designed and ran a study at a rape crisis centre, indicating yoga is an effective tool for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her newest book, combining these experiences, is available here.

Erin is one of the founders of Comprehensive Yoga Therapist Training , where she focuses on refining trainees’ counselling skills and ethics, energetic boundaries, and philosophical understanding. She is Assistant Editor of Yoga Living Magazine  and a contributor to many books and articles on the topic of Yoga Therapy  and yoga lifestyle management. Erin’s most recent book, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Mindful Living: Awareness & Meditation Practices for Living in the Present Moment and the popular Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety: Create a Personalized Holistic Plan to Balance Your Life, is in bookstores and available online now. She certifies Yoga and Meditation Teachers at Yoga You in Ontario, Canada and mentors Yoga Teachers and Therapists around the world.

Erin loves to travel, presenting personal transformation intensives at retreat centres, businesses, and wellness clinics. Themes such as Transforming Feelings, Unleashing Creativity, and Yoga for Mental Health help you use pain to create a better world for yourself and others. Her presentation style integrates yoga, psychotherapy, and expressive arts activities with humour and experiential learning. She has a knack for simplifying deep concepts so you can easily apply them to your everyday life. Erin’s CV is available here.

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