Gee Whiz, I’m Dreamin’ My Life

See me glowing down from the top right - imagine swimming with penguins! Magical.
Feb 23 2017

Gee Whiz, I’m Dreamin’ My Life

That bright spot is me following the penguins

That bright spot is me following the penguins

There are two kinds of people: those who believe in magic and those who haven’t experienced it yet. I experienced many a mystical moment in the Galapagos Islands. Magic is real and shows up in peaceful places.


Life taught me that when I dream and apply effort (tapas), when I surrender, trust and take action, circumstances conspire to support dreams in coming true – like magic!


Believe in the quiet peace of this kind of magic. A magician may have flash and glitter but the real action happens in quiet places – nighttime imaginings and whispered secrets. I was awake to know Ecuadorian night, with the tree frogs and nocturnal birds, occasionally a grunting tortoise and, eventually, the roosters. The Retreat to the Galapagos Islands inspired my dreamy imagination of what is possible in the world (caring for one another and our local species). What a journey!


This is the beach where we saw the manta rays mating.

This is the beach where we saw the manta rays mating.

The first thing that South America offered (besides the rolling Spanish and how good it felt to do legs-up-a-wall) was the feeling of the water. Stepping into the shower my first morning in Ecuador, I immediately noticed a difference in the experience raining down.


For as long as I can remember, I have felt connected to water. I don’t remember a time that I couldn’t swim or ski (Thanks, Dad!). I understand water, its various states, moods and sense. I perceive tap water near cities as deadened, somehow. Zombiefied, really…like the difference between swimming in a public pool and the ocean…


Semilla Verdi Boutique Hotel, where owner Rob Grimstone's approach affirms a respect for the endemic life of Galapagos

Semilla Verdi Boutique Hotel, where owner Rob Grimstone’s approach affirms a respect for the endemic life of Galapagos

Speaking of the ocean, I am supposed to be telling you about the lovely waters spilling upon my head, radiating images of sparkling rivulets and creatures of the sea. Oh monkey mind, you funny drifter…So many ideas and images arose in the Galapagos. It’s okay to let the mind wander sometimes. (Gasp!)


Let’s face it, it’s going to wander anyway. On occasion – let it! Watch where it goes – you may amaze yourself with your own magical mind!


…In the meantime, back to our story.





galapagos south plaza sea lions

Can you see all 3 sea lions?

In Ecuador, the water pouring from the tap felt like life itself. I stretched and breathed easily – there was so much oxygen. The hallway outside our room featured open-air architecture. There were great, high spaces where the wall might have met the ceiling. Instead of enclosure, sky!


The water – that’s what I’m supposed to be talking about here is the water – called to mind childhood days in July: sun beaming, air breezing, laughing with friends. The sense that everything I could ever need was right there with me, a knowing that all is well. We played silly games with our hands and feet, jumped into the lake, hung out underwater, dried off, did it again. On the hottest days of childhood, weird little carp crept up to the dock looking for garbage…Those carp were big, actually…




galapagos 2 booby headshotThe dreamy mind digresses again…The Galapagos had that effect on me: it put stars in my eyes. I was sharp, mind you, memorising as much as I could about the animals, their habitats, the geology and botany…adapting the yoga classes and workshops to meet the needs of each person in the group (I hope!)…sensing the best ways to care for my energy and bodily needs (ginger and cinnamon, naps, stretches and feasting!)…Ahh, Galapagos…These are good dreams.


“‘Dreamy,’ you say?’”



A sculpture at UIO (Quito aeropuerto) - harbinger of the wheels of fate and vortices of spacetime that would turn during the upcoming week!

A sculpture at UIO (Quito aeropuerto) – harbinger of the wheels of fate and vortices of spacetime that would turn during the upcoming week!

Yes. I digress. During my time on the islands it was beautiful to watch life spiral in themes, archetypes and curiosity.  Our daily events magically reflected the lessons from the yoga and each person’s personal intention.


My own key insight came, as usual, in the earliest hours of the day. By watching constellations at 4am and wishing for health on falling stars I discovered new dimensions of my connective tissues.


…The Galapagos, man…There aren’t words…But I gave ya pictures. I hear one of those is worth A THOUSAND words.


I know you’re a dreamer, too. When we move with the fluidity of our own dreams, sensitive to the life and beauty

that’s there RIGHT NOW, the magic appears.


A wandering monkey

A wandering monkey

It was easy to quietly notice things in the peace of Ecuador. It sparked my imagination and affirmed my beliefs in what is possible. Each of us (Even you! Even me!) can balance our hearts, minds and guts. You can change the world through your presence and simple actions.


That’s what the fresh, vibrant water raining out of that South American showerhead bestowed upon me.


So those of you who believe in magic (AND those of you who haven’t experienced it yet), let’s dream our lives! Watch where your mind wanders, keep imagining and remember that when you act upon the beauty and peace that is possible, magic happens!


Damn right we’re going back next year! Want to come with me?!…And for those who haven’t stopped singing The Everly Brothers since you read the title, here’s the link.  Life is magical and all of your dreams can come true! Gee Whiz, YOU are the dreamer!

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