The Best Thing that Could Have Happened: An Election Response

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Nov 09 2016

The Best Thing that Could Have Happened: An Election Response

Literally the best thing that could have happened? Maybe not.


Except…this result creates space to make goodness obvious. But for now, just grieve. That is Step 1 of this process.


Before you accuse me of being ignorant or insipid (not that you were about to, but the thought could pass through a mind), read to the end of this post then behave like a scientist. Observe the effects of employing these methods.


A lot of injustice has occurred in front of our eyes and the average person did not take the kind of action that yielded results. Good, average people now see how far from their lives and values it leads. We can do better. It’s simple. There is a process. I will help show you.


I’ve spent the last three hours composing on this topic but now that folks are up and the social media posts are coming in, I see the vulnerability and have already altered this post. The following idea is enough for now: have your feelings…then create contrast.


First, grieve and take heart. It might take minutes to process the grief. It might, if you really believed in the system, take months. Allow yourself to feel all that comes up for you. Watch it – here’s that mindfulness thing we all buzz about – and understand. What are these feelings telling you that you need, within yourself? (It’s okay if you don’t know. Cry some more. Procure hugs. It’ll come.)


Today, let’s start with this: grieve…then live into the peaceful contrast. When you are ready for action the step is simple: fill yourself with the feeling/virtue you need…or, if it’s too scary inside yourself right now, what the world needs. What do you grieve the loss of? What is missing for you? How do you wish to feel? Now give it to yourself. Breathe it. Smile it. Feel it behind your forehead and atop your crown, in your chest, belly, perineum, feet. Fill your mind with images of it. Embody it.


The ideal today may be quiet, radiant calm. Perhaps you fill yourself with goodwill or gentleness. Maybe this is the day for running, push-ups, or an in-home dance party. (I myself enjoyed a good leap over a ditch this morning!) Some folks need a bath, others a lie-down, and more still need a slow, sweet hug. We can play our instruments. An ancient – and incidentally the most effective – way to dispel the devil is to laugh. Whatever you need, feed it to yourself in movement, breath, thought, emotion, and discerning word/action.


Whether it’s through buying strangers’ coffees, watching Christmas movies, walking in the woods, gratitude journal, petting the cat, even wry jokes if you must – fill yourself with kindness today. This is how we get through grief.


Then feed yourself what was missing. Be full of it, so you feel and think it (even if it’s slippery – it probably will be). My readership contains lots of yogis and meditators. This is what you have been PRACTICING for. Fill yourself. I’m doing the same.


You need a Step 3? Well, can’t you just hold bhavana, you virtuous hero?! Then radiate it. Let it pour out of your skin, breath, thoughtfield and presence like a well-spring.


Gush joy, friendliness, surrender, effort, silence (yes, you can gush silence), compassion, fortitude, courage, ease, peace, love, kindness, calm, humour, musicality, grace, evenness, equanimity, purpose, clarity, duty, mastery, discipline, nonharm, tenderness, prudence…whatever you need today,  once you are decidedly filled with it, it naturally beams to impact the hearts and minds of others.


Start with Step 1. Grieve. Feel. Understand. That is enough – especially today. Hugs.


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