The Possibility in the Pain

trauma recovery
Feb 01 2017

The Possibility in the Pain

stepping stonesLast weekend, I hosted an intensive for trauma survivors. PTSD recovery is my original deal and it felt good to teach my core work at the ol’ home studio! This rich topic – ripe with opportunity for transformation – with students I have known and worked with intensively for years offered some gems.


Not everyone who would benefit from the intensive was able to make it so here was the key that unlocked inspiration this weekend: within the depths of pain lies your truest possibility.


trauma recoveryWhen we hurt, it’s a call for acknowledgment.


When we acknowledge, we perceive a deeper truth.


When we trust the truth, we discover inspiration.


From that inspiration, we create the lives of our dreams.


Thank you, trauma, for guiding me to my Self!


Now, without the entire guided experience of the weekend (including expressive arts, yoga postures and other healthy movements, breathing techniques, guided visualizations, yogic teachings, scientific evidence and discussion) it might be hard to get to “Thank you, trauma!”


Most of the time, unless we are steeped in that mindfulness mentality, it’s more like, “FU, trauma.” Trauma, like your grade school bully, can be so nasty. Like, really hurtful. Twisting reality and calling you names. Finding your greatest weakness and cutting into you at that most tender place.


Was Russell Brand at my intensive?! This is what I'm talkin' about! :12-1:33

Was Russell Brand at my intensive?! This is what I’m talkin’ about! :12-1:33

Trauma can be so nasty…until we realise that trauma is even more hurt than we are. Just like that grade school bully, “trauma” has fewer adult resources, and ultimately, is just trying to make a connection.


As we follow trauma through the nastiness into the seed of hurt, we access the potential. Can’t you see?! It’s not an acorn – it’s an oak tree! You aren’t traumatized – you’re awakening! The pain points to all that is possible for us.


Not buying it? Try this handout. We offer a path of transforming your pain in Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety: Create a Personalized Holistic Plan to Balance Your Life. If you want to explore these ideas with me even more, check out my events calendar to see where we can hang out together next! For those of you who were at this or other events with me, please share YOUR realizations in the comments section below. Inspire others through your thoughts and actions!


Wishing you laughter, freedom and creative expression on this journey.

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