Yoga Therapy For Stress & Anxiety

Sep 03 2015

Yoga Therapy For Stress & Anxiety

I’ve known Bob Butera for a long time now. Back in 2001, when I switched my

grad school focus from Expressive Arts to Yoga for Trauma, I needed a PhD

mentor in Yoga Therapy. Through a series of connections (my brother’s ex-

girlfriend’s mother, if you must know) I got in touch with Dr. Robert Butera

(Bob) of the YogaLife Institute in Pennsylvania. He agreed to mentor my

studies and has been a guide, colleague, and friend ever since.

Over the years Bob has supported me in running Brantford, Ontario’s first yoga

studio, Welkin YogaLife Institute.  We worked together in launching

Comprehensive Yoga Therapist Training (along with Kristen Butera and Staffan

Elgelid ) and have brainstormed on many projects. Bob also taught me how

to surf!

Our most recent endeavour, with the aforementioned Staffan Elgelid, is the

newly-released book Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety (YTSA).  We

collaborated on a snapshot of this topic in Staffan’s book Yoga Therapy: Theory

& Practice and have focused on de-stressing our students and trainees for

years. It probably won’t surprise you to know that almost two-thirds of our

students join yoga to help them with stress and anxiety, so we know the topic is

beneficial to you.

Just about everyone feels stress. Nearly all of us have had our stress levels amp

up to anxiety, whether for an anomalous week, months of crisis, or as a chronic

state. College counseling centers are filled with students suffering from anxiety,

depression, PTSD, and related conditions. Working adults are burdened with

constantly being online, on-call, or somehow accessible to their bosses and job

requirements. Even aged people and children report being stressed. Stress is

related to all areas of life and can deeply impact our overall health.

Most healthcare interventions speak in terms of “managing” stress. They talk

about doing relaxation or meditation or exercise with the intention of coping with

high stress levels or anxiety. Although this approach uses various holistic

interventions, it is still only managing the stress rather than actually alleviating it.

YTSA combines simple, real-life examples with practical exercises so that

you can readily apply the ideas. We wrote the book for people of all ages,

experience, and levels of health. Whether or not you are into yoga, the techniques

of the book help you understand HOW to regulate your mental, emotional, and

biological responses to stress. We talk about stress as it relates to relationships,

work, psychology, and physical health. We support you in applying stress

transformation techniques to body awareness, breathing, relaxation, meditation,

nutrition, and your approach to work, personal interactions, and spirituality. If

you feel stress, there are sure to be practices in YTSA that you can use the

techniques to unwind it.

We wrote the book so you can jump into whatever topic relates to your greatest

stress, even if it appears near the end of the book. You don’t even have to read a

whole chapter. Almost every page has a practical de-stressing technique so that

you can customise your stress transformation journey. My main hope is that you

are already inoculated against stress, but if you aren’t, I hope you will check out

Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety. On behalf of Bob and Staffan, I thank

you for caring for yourself and seeking ways to transform your relationship with

stress once and for all.

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